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Bible Widow ~ Mary, Widow Mother of Jesus

Mary, Widow Mother of Jesus

At that the time of Jesus death, His mother came near with a deep sadness, as she watched the cruelty to Jesus. She had a soul to save too. Jesus was dying on the cross for her sins also. Jesus was her Savior as well as everyone else in the world.
During the agony of His separation from God, the sins of the world were crushing out His life. He took the punishment we should have had.   Because the wages of
sin is death.
While all of this was happening, Jesus' mother stood nearby. It was as if a sword was piercing her own soul too. Mary did not have her husband Joseph to help her during this grief.
She was a widow.
Now, as Mary stood at the cross crying for her son, Jesus asked His beloved John to become like a son,  to care for His mother.
This gesture was a gift to John that reminded John always of Jesus. John was like a very loving son in his care for Mary.
Jesus, in His agony upon the cross remembered His own mother, and is touched today by a mother's sorrow.
In every grief and every need Jesus will give comfort and help.
Jesus expects all to give tender care for their parents. As stated in Exodus 20 that if you do this your days will be long on the land which the Lord gives you.

A quote from Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary:
All things therein written shall be fulfilled.
Christ tenderly provided for His mother at His death.
Sometimes, when God removes one comfort from us, He raises up another for us, where we looked not for it.
Can you remember a situation similar?
I can…I thought that my family should step in and help me especially , my brother.

Maybe take Danny, who was only 15 years old at the time of his father's death) to a baseball game.  Anything! He never asked or done anything to help.
And yes, I was very angry and hurt for my son. But my precious Jesus knew my brother was not capable to give to Dan what he needed.  Instead, Jesus sent friends that took Dan hunting and to the baseball game etc.
Jesus knows about dysfunctional families ….Why didn't He call upon His siblings…and who did He call….a dear friend John to care for His mother.
Again, I repeat:
Sometimes, when God removes one comfort from us, He raises up another for us, where we looked not for it.
Jesus will always love, provide and protect the widow…..Praise God. 

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