Sunday, July 21, 2013

Testimonial – Sue

Here we have another wonderful testimonial of how God has used Friends Needing Friends for one of our ‘sisters’ in this journey of widowhood.
I feel God had Dotti find her way to SPCC, (South Palm Community Church).  I believe that His plan was for her to start the FNF for all of us widows.
It has never been a grieving, sad time at any of our meetings.
I have met many loving women (widows), that I otherwise would not know.
It makes my heart happy when we all gather, sing happy songs, share the Bible stories, especially the ones about widows, then when we turn left & right to hug each other. It may be the only hug some of us get.
The Bible quiz is fun, we wait to see ‘who got them all’.
We are all joined with each other in love and compassion for each other.
Praise God.
Sue Dolbow