Tuesday, March 17, 2015


God’s Plan For me as a Widow 

Seventeen years ago, my life changed, not only was I a widow; but, the owner-operator of a farm, fortunately a few years before we had downsized from over 100 acres to 20.

With the Lord’s help (prayed a lot) and my son-in-“love” the already planted crops made it through the summer and were harvested successfully.  But, what would I do next summer? The fields had to be planted. I wondered, worried and prayed! That fall, my neighbor stopped in and said he would like to plant my field in hay. He needed more ground. The Lord had answered my prayers! As a hay field usually lasts 10-12 years: my problem was not only solved: but, I would not have to worry about planting again for a while (right now they are a beautiful green and growing.)

In church, one Sunday that September, I read a notice for an upcoming basic lay speaker class to be held in October. I thought that’s not for me, I can’t speak before a group of adults and turned the page. The rest of the day, my thoughts kept going back to that notice. I did not know why, but those thoughts bothered me. I prayed, Lord, why am I thinking about that notice? I can’t be a speaker. I am too old to start over, to go back to school. It would be a waste of time. The space is limited, I’d be taking the place of someone much better qualified and younger.

The next morning, as I put on my jacket to go get my paper; that bulletin fell out of my pocket. It fell to the floor opened to the school application form. I had not even noticed that form before.

I knew then! I had to apply to go to that basic class. I felt it was a sign from God. Give it a try. I went! I liked it! In that class, I wrote and gave my first sermon. It went OK, so, I decided to take another and then another class.

 I became a certified lay speaker in the United Methodist Church.

From that first class, the Lord has led me to preach several Mother’s Day sermons, preach at Pitman Manor, preaching in my own church; to even officiate at a funeral, and to my favorite place – “Friends Needing Friends”

 “God is Good!” Just follow Him. He will lead you and guide you on your journey through widowhood.

  Joanne Lewis has served with Friends Needing Friends Ministry for over 20 years. Thank you Joanne for your love, and loyalty to God’s ministry serving the widows. 

The Longer I Serve Him, The Sweeter He Grows.

Verse 1
Since I started for the Kingdom
Since my life He controls
Since I gave my heart to Jesus
The Longer I Serve Him, the sweeter He grows

The Longer I Serve Him, The sweeter He grows
The more that I love Him , More joy He bestows
Each day is like heaven My heart overflows
The Longer I Serve Him, The sweeter He grows

Verse 2
Every need He is supplying
Plenteous Grace He bestows
Every day my way grows brighter
The Longer I Serve Him
The sweeter He grows

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