Sunday, April 19, 2015


Several years ago Pastor Bob Barber spoke to our New Jersey Chapter of Friends Needing Friends and his message was from I Kings 19: 1-18.  The pastor also gave to everyone notes from his message so we could all follow. 

While I was reading these notes, it came to me that the title of his message “Eight Steps to Victory over Loneliness” is one of the top issues that a widow has to go through. So I tweaked some of the notes to help us (the widow) how to have this victory over loneliness.  Wow! I just love it when the Holy Spirit speaks.


1 Ask for help – ask God – ask others

2 Listen to God  - He’s been lonely – Genesis 1:1, Matthew 27:46

3 Be confident, God will respond

4 Face the cause of your loneliness.  Being alone is being apart from others, and is not bad, in fact it can be refreshing, stimulating. Feeling lonely is a negative emotional reaction to being alone, and can cause depression, confusion and despair. Take an honest look at the reason for your feelings of loneliness, do this before the Lord and in the counsel of others. (ie. Friends, pastor, etc.)

5 Accept God’s perspective of the cause of your loneliness.  Strong 
feelings of loneliness often leave us with a distorted view of ourselves and our circumstances. Nobody knows you like the Lord does, and you are never really lonely in Christ!

6 Resolve the conflicts that cause lonelinessGet involved with other ladies that have the same situation.

7 Be patient.  It may take time to apply the healing touch of God’s Word to the cause. But God can and will supply you with strength for the journey. And He will let you know that He is there, at work in you.

8 Be an active part of your healing.  Be willing to “do the possible” and believe that “God will do the impossible”

Keep up the “Four steps to Knowing Him Better”
Daily Bible Reading and Prayer
Regular Worship with the Family of God
Build Healthy Christian Friendships
Serve Him


 Friends Needing Friends International Sisterhood Ministry serve God by serving others. The past several months we have been supporting seven of the widows in India through the Kerusomen Foundation. To learn more about this special ministry go to your computer: 

Side by side, or miles apart...We are sisters, connected by the heart.


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