Monday, May 11, 2015

As I Journey Through the Valley

Our own Diana has been a member of New Jersey’s Friends Needing Friends for several years and is currently doing all the photography of the events at each meeting. After the passing of her husband, George the Holy Spirit of God touched her life with the ability to express her grief in writing beautiful poetry. The title of her wonderful list of poems is “Simply Put”, “Inspirational Poems of Hope, As You Journey Through The Valley” by Diana Eileen Clark.  Diana believes the Lord has provided a way for her to share this ‘hope’ through the poetry you are about to read – TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Who Am I?

I looked at life through his eyes;
I made his dream my dream.
Now my life without him
 Doesn’t have a theme.
I have so few opinions
 I can really call my own;
Didn’t think I’d need them.
Never thought I’d be alone,
And have to draw conclusions,
Then state my point of view.
About so many things in life,
I haven’t got a clue.
I’m not sure what I like now,
Or where I’d want to go
For rest and relaxation-
I really just don’t know.
Half my heart is missing;
II feel so incomplete.
To continue on without him
Is really quite a feat.
But on and On I must go.
He’d want me to, and so
I recall the times he told me,
“You’re stronger that you know.”
Strength? O yes, I feel it,
But it is not my own.
By God’s grace I have it,
Through Christ and Christ alone.
Please, Lord, now I need You
To help me find my place.
When I peer into the mirror,
Who’s behind the face?
Who am I now without him?
It’s so hard for me to see.
I know I’m in there somewhere.
Lord, help me to find me.

Through personal experience and observation as
I journey through the valley, I have discovered…

GRIEVING is a necessary process for healing, uniquely different for each of us and, at the same time similar. You cannot imagine that anyone else has ever felt as you do or thought your thoughts, but the Bible says there is no trial or temptation that befalls you that is not common to man (belonging to human experience)…and God, in His compassionate nature, promises to give you strength. Endurance and the means of escape (Read I Corinthians 10:13)

Healing takes time, and you cannot rush the process. You must work through the many stages and emotions – sorrow, anger, guilt, regrets, depression, anxiety, denial, resentment, tears – all are natural. It is important, however, not to get “stuck” in any one area. If you do, seek professional help.  

                      GRIEVING is like swimming against a swift current, trying desperately to go back where you were, but it’s impossible to fight the force of the water.  It just keeps pouncing against you constantly. Exhaustion takes over, and you either go under or turn around and let the current carry you, floating awhile to regain your strength. Then you begin to swim again, but this time with the current. Slowly you gain some control and direction, but the direction must be forward – there is no turning back.
I entered the water with Jesus Christ. He is my life preserver; I will NOT go under.  If you entered the water without Him, send up a spiritual SOS now! He is waiting to cast a lifeline to you; all you have to do is ask.

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