Beyond Grief Share

Beyond Grief Share … How Widows Can Make New Friends in Boynton Beach, FL

Becoming a widow changes everything.   Especially our friendships.

Statistically widows lose 75% of their friendship network

Sadly, there is a desperate shortage of places for widows to rebuild that network.

For many of us, Friends Needing Friends helps to fill that gap.

Friends Needing Friends is an International Sisterhood of Widows who meet in Boynton Beach, FL the third Friday of each month.

It's an organization made up of Godly widows...women who have lost their spouses to death. They have abruptly and permanently had their entire lives rearranged for them, BUT...

When they could easily have allowed their grief to rule, they have made the choice to associate with other widows. And that simple "Yes" decision - the one each of them made - was the start of something MORE...
More Growth  
Together, as a team, they are making a real and lasting difference in their own lives and the lives of others.
More Encouragement
Besides comforting each other, they inspire each other to keep looking up when they feel down so they don't get stuck when grief assaults their emotions.
More Purpose
They also serve the Lord locally with a Teddy Bear Ministry to which they donate teddy bears, visiting the sick and/or hospitalized.  Plus they reach out internationally providing financial support to other widows in India and are a great source of encouragement to them, many of whom have been totally abandoned by their families.

But that's not all...

While spending time together they also found something special.  You guessed it -
More Friends!

And not just any old friendships but new, meaningful ones

Ones where you can...
  • Be encouraged that you’re not alone in wanting more and better friendships
  • Find women who truly care enough to spend time with each other, learn from each other, and share their hearts with each other.
  • Feel celebrated for your growth.  Cheered for your "wins". Comforted in your struggles. 
  • Feel safe, loved and accepted unconditionally.

So That's Our Story...

Friends needing Friends is committed to serving this area's community of widows.  We've been helping widows meet one another for 34 years.

Our desire is to meet you.  We expect nothing in return.

The only thing missing is you.  Let's change that!