Thursday, February 27, 2014

Good morning Ladies

Our Friends Needing Friends sister group in New Jersey have their meetings the 4th Monday of every month.  This past Monday they had a great time celebrating  St. Patrick’s day and singing old Irish songs.
From the photos below, it looks like they had a fun time. It is so good to see these lovely ladies. It is so wonderful that we have our two sister groups growing in love and faith in our widowhood., where friendships are formed and nourished.
Now, let’s introduce a couple of the ladies from this group.
This is Donna, she is the director of the deaf department. She is teaching the ladies about the St. Patrick's day celebration. Thank you Donna.
Here we have Mary Lou, the director for our northern branch of Friends Needing Friends. God bless you Mary Lou for the work you do for your ladies in New Jersey.
Let’s continue to pray for each other and to thank God for His many blessings in our lives.
Thank you Dotti for starting Friends Needing Friends over 25 years ago and for all of the hard work that you do for our ladies.  We love you
Love, hugs and prayers ~ Rainey

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