Our Founder & Mission

'Friends Needing Friends' was started by Dotti Ackerman in 1988 as a new, young widow, living in New Jersey.

The group started with 10 ladies and in 23 years grew to 120-125 ladies in this special sisterhood.

Dotti has since moved to south Florida where she has started a new group of FNF ladies.  This group was started in the beginning of 2012, and has around 20 ladies so far. We are growing. As you know FNF has a special blog with over 26,700 "hits"  Our group of ladies also sponsors 17 widow ladies in India. This group is wonderful, caring, full of love, faith, hope, encouragement. We have fun, we learn, we help one another, and God has used Dotti's love and caring personality to encourage so many. 

Yellow roses are special to Dottie.

She wrote the following: "The yellow Rose is my favorite flower for many personal reasons. You can ask me at one of our meetings why, but for now I'll explain why I use the yellow rose for FNF's flower.

I looked up the many meanings of this special flower and according to the  internet it means new beginnings.

A bouquet of these sun-filled blossoms conveys warmth, gladness and affection. 

These delicate flowers proudly laud an owner's accomplishment.   A rose is given to celebrate new consummation or fulfillment. You simply cannot do without yellow roses when you send flowers to express joy and pride in another's achievement."


"Friends Needing Friends" is a special ministry for widows only. This ministry is a sisterhood of ladies selected by God. I have been asked the following questions many times - "why widows only?" or "I'm divorced, why can't I come?" I will try to answer these questions as simply as I can.

When you divorce your mate, it is a human decision between two people. The death of a mate is a decision made by God. The true reason for either loss, only God knows.

As director and founder of "Friends Needing Friends", I have witnessed a special compassionate bond between all the ladies. When a newly widowed person comes to a meeting for the first time, I will introduce the widow to another widow. Immediately, there is an expression of compassion that no other person can give nor receive. Their eyes meet and in a single glance without saying a word, there is an exchange of understanding and full knowledge of their hurts and feelings. These feelings are the true meaning of the word "sisterhood".

The dictionary's definition of the word "sisterhood" is: "an organization of women with a common interest, as for social, charitable, or female members of a church".

The common interest of "FNF" is from the Bible in 2 Corinthians 1:4 God comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. Our sisterhood of women is doing exactly what God has directed it to do and who better to help at this time - you guessed it - another widow.

Our sisterhood over the past 28 years has physically and financially supported several other charitable organizations. We have a Teddy Bear ministry where once again we obey God by visiting the sick and the shut-ins. Since 1995, our ladies have delivered hundreds and hundreds of Teddy Bears to the sick and have encouraged the shut-ins with God's love.

Yes, we have met the dictionary's description of the word "sisterhood" and yes our ladies have obeyed the LORD by sharing the comfort that God has given to us.

May I further explain to you that "FNF" is a ministry available to widows only; that may or may not attend a church. There is a desperate need in our society today regarding the widows that we come in contact with. Our group is a Christian Interdenominational ministry and we do not urge joining a different church or changing one's religion. We are strictly here for what the name implies "Friends Needing Friends".

Now, I hope you will make another important decision to attend our meetings scheduled the third Monday of every month. (Your first visit, plan to come fifteen minutes earlier to allow time to register).

Our meetings take place at:
Son Life Lutheran Church
Jog Road, Boynton Beach, Florida
Time: 10:00 am - 12 Noon
Continental Breakfast served at 10:00 am (No Charge)
Sponsored by: South Palm Community Church - Boynton Beach, Fl.