Tuesday, March 18, 2014

FNF St. Patty meeting in south Florida


Hello Ladies ~ What a ‘fun’ meeting we had yesterday!

We had leprechauns, green shamrock necklaces, hats with shamrocks, Irish music, and LOTS of smiles as we all posed with one of the leprechauns for pictures.

We had a fantastic guest speaker, Reid P. Scott, Assistant State Attorney, Chief of Special Victims Unit. He shared ways for we widow ladies to protect ourselves from human predators. We learned valuable information and are thankful for Reid’s time and expertise in this area.

Reid and others are working to protect the elderly and it is good to know that they care and are doing what they can for us.

God has from long, long ago been the defender and protector of the widow and it is said many times in the Bible that orphans and widows need to be taken care of and any who abuse them will be punished. Those in the world who do what they can to protect and help orphans and widows are doing God’s will.

Reid will be back for future meetings to give us more information on how to be more aware of what’s going on around us and ways in which to help protect ourselves.

Thank you Reid.



It was a joy to meet once again in the smaller room.  We were able to hear what was being said by any of the speakers, and we did not disturb the regular members of the golf club.

Before the meeting was a hoot. There was laughter and talking as we got to know each other better. One of our leprechauns did not want to co-operate all that well, but the other one did a great job of posing with us all for photos.

















This is one of our sweet waitresses.


At our next meeting, the Easter/Spring Bunny will be visiting us. So, wear some happy colors, bring your smiling faces, and in the meantime let’s all thank God for His many blessings.

Let us also remember that God is our ultimate source of protection but, He also sends others into our lives to give us a helping hand just when we need it.

Love, hugs & prayers

and God willing we will be together again in April.


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