Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas meeting/luncheon FL


Good morning Ladies ~ Here we are the week before Christmas. I hope you are all being filled with the love, peace and joy of this holiday season.  It is all because of Jesus that we celebrate this time of year.  Let us give thanks to Him for all He has done and continues to do for each of us.  May we learn and grow in His love with each new day.

Well, we down here in sunny s.e. FL had our Christmas meeting yesterday. We had a nice turn out of 26 ladies and a good time was had by all.  We missed those who could not be with us and wish them well.


This is our lovely table setting. 

Gifts in the center.



Here is dear Ramona, who checks in our ladies as they come in.


At every meeting we start off with singing and clapping hands to “This is the Day”.


I couldn’t find the rendition that we sing with but here’s one that is really good, happy and thankful.


Next, we have Dotti, our founder and leader with some of our group. We had 26 ladies, which was a good turn out for our steadily growing group. We’re not quite three years old yet.


We had to improvise a place this month for our display of Teddy Bears and Bibles and this worked out nicely.  Our Teddy Bear ministry is doing really well and we are blessed by the stories shared by those who give the bears to someone.

The Bibles are given out to each lady after they have attended twice.


Kathy Caprio, pastor for our group,  was our guest speaker.  She spoke on having “True Peace in Your Life”.  That true peace is Jesus.

As Jesus fills our lives with His peace, we in turn share that peace with others.



If any of you reading this have not yet believed in Jesus, right now is a wonderful time to ask Him to come into your life. We are all sinners and have come short of His glory.  He came as a little babe in a manger, who grew into manhood and gave His life so that we’d be free from all sin. He rose on the third day so that we’d have life with Him forever. 

As we draw closer to Christmas, let us remember to pray for those less fortunate than we are. Pray for those who are ill, who are having problems, whatever they may be. Pray that the Love and Light of God, which is Jesus will shine in hearts this Christmas season.

I will close this post with an instrumental version of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” by the National Philharmonic Orchestra, Richmond Brass, Charles Gerhardt




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