Sunday, April 26, 2015


My dear Friends,
I was given a group of questionnaires concerning grief tips that our FNF members filled out. After reading and organizing them I felt there was more I should be getting from the information the ladies had shared. I reread them again and again. At last I prayed/asked the Holy Spirit to please show me what I was supposed to see. All of a sudden the meaning was so clear. There it was right in front of me, the questionnaire was all about how each person dealt with their own grief.
Their answers fell into seven categories:

1 The first was their faith. Whether reading the Bible, quiet time praying, singing songs of faith or simply keeping their Bible close to them even when they slept, their faith was what they turned to the most.

2 The second was keeping busy. Whether helping and/or comforting others, seeing people socially, entertaining, or just getting out for a cup of coffee, staying involved and occupied was a great help.

3 The third category was caring for yourself. This included eating healthy, getting exercise, having a manicure, a visit to the hair dresser or just being still and letting yourself go through the process of grief.

4 The information shared about songs was varied and included all types of music. Most of the songs were faith based or had special meaning.

5 Blessings received and recognized by the ladies were mainly acts of kindness and caring. In many different ways they acknowledged that God was in charge and sending exactly what was needed. The ladies responded that family and/or friends were what really touched them. A small kindness was as vividly remembered as was larger kindnesses.

6 Our Friends Needing Friends sisterhood along with support groups were counted among the most helpful blessings.

7 A caring hug was physical contact that meant so much and gratefully remembered.
So what did I really learn from this? Well, I realized that it is a blessing to know these ladies. That their Christian courage and love is something I could feel as I read through their responses. That no matter what they were going through, they came to understand and know that our loving God is in charge and will always be with each of us.


Tip #1   
Stay close to the word of God and believe that God will protect and provide for me. Sometimes when things would get rough for me, I would take my Bible to bed with me and put it on the pillow next to me.  D.A.

 Tip #2 
 Allow yourself to grieve and trust in the Lord to ease the pain.  R.B. 

Tip #3 
Prepare something special for a meal and invite another friend. Even though you don't feel up to it.  D.B.

Tip #4   Lots of prayer warriors that were also close friends. Also share my needs.  T.B.

Tip #5
Seek out female friends to help you stay active. Be willing to visit a senior center and accept invitations to lunch, a movie or other activities outside your home. Use any resource available to you. Stay active!   J.B.

Tip #6
Don't be hard on yourself if you feel down or cry. There is much strength to be found in tears. Remember, Jesus wept for Lazarus. God comforts us when we cry.  J.B.

Tip #7
Let go and let God. Trust in God to help you. Turn to family and friends and take care of yourself. Fix yourself up, do not stay home and become depressed. Share your grief with God and others. Join a support group like Friends Needing Friends.  S.D.

Tip #8
Keep busy, keep in touch with friends even if you don't feel like it.  Look for joy each day. Enjoy loved ones and let them know it.  B.D.

Tip #9
The love of God close to my heart. M.D.

Tip #10
 Being with children.  A.F.

Tip #11
When I am feeling lonely or low in spirit, I get out and do something for someone else. If I can't go in person I make a phone call or write a note. In the process I end up feeling better.  T.G.

Tip #12
Encourage a Friend who is grieving and invite her to FNF meetings.  J.H.

Tip #13
 I had my time of morning. I then kept myself very busy. I knew in my heart he was in a better place and I would join him someday.  P.H.

Tip #14
Call on Jesus. Pray and Bible reading with different devotionals.  R.H.

Tip #15
Be Still and know that I am God is a Bible verse that helped to keep me centered in my blessings.  D.H.

Tip #16
Believe that God will never leave you or forsake you. He is with you at all times.  E.K

Tip #17
Knowing that I was never alone. For Jesus promised that he will never leave me, nor forget me.
Paraphrasing Hebrews 13:5.   D.K.

Tip #18
Help and support others by listening and comforting.  M.K.

Tip #19
Pray without ceasing. Keep busy. Get back to church as soon as possible.  J.K.

Tip #20
Help my neighbor and others when needed.  M.M.

Tip 21
If I feel down, I get on my knees and ask for His help. He lifts me up and I can always feel his presence.  E.M.

Tip #22
Being with friends and family. Get out and go for a cup of coffee at the nearest restaurant.  R.P.

Tip #23
When feeling sad and alone, I stop at the local nursery and look at all the beautiful flowers God has made for us to enjoy. It lifts my spirits and makes me feel happy.  B.P.

Tip #24
Exercise even if you only walk. It really helps relieve the stress.  L.R.

Tip #25
Getting up and thanking God that I can stand up and walk.  S.S.

 By Terry Gibelli


Friday, April 10, 2015


St. Patrick's Day Celebration

Good morning Friends, 

I know St. Patrick’s Day comes before Easter, but this year we had a little technical problems with one of our computers. Praise God all has been corrected.

What is Webster’s Dictionary definition of the word “Sisterhood”?

The definition of the word “sisterhood” is: “an organization of women with a common interest, as for social, charitable, or female members of a church”.

Our sisterhood for 27 years has physically and financially supported several charitable organizations. We have a Teddy Bear ministry, where once again we obeyed God by visiting the sick and the shut-ins with His love.  This past 18 months we have been supporting 7 widows at the Kerusomen Gospel Ministries in India.

Yes, we have met the dictionary’s description of the word “sisterhood” and yes our ladies have obeyed the LORD by sharing the comfort that God has given to us.
But there is one more word in the definition of sisterhood and the word is “SOCIAL”.  Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is definitely a “social” fun time.
It is time to share with you pictures from our St. Patrick’s social in Florida and New Jersey.  Both chapters of FNF wore a little green, but they all had to come with beautiful Irish smiles. You have to realize that on St. Patrick’s Day – EVERYBODY is Irish.

Shari Hervold wrote in a previous article “It is okay to plan for holidays to be different. Be realistic about what you can handle, both physically and emotionally. But do celebrate, for this is God’s will for you and you will marvel at the strength He will provide as His joy floods your heart.”

Now my friends…let’s view the pictures.

The first group of ladies is from FNF Florida 

 Our second group of ladies is from FNF, Turnersville, New Jersey.  The First lady is the photographer of this group, Diane. 

Many of these beautiful ladies have been with FNF for over 10-25 years.

A group picture is always special to me. God bless each and everyone.



Thursday, April 2, 2015


When Others Fail You, God Will Step In

I was conversing with a widow recently who told me that after her husband died she looked to her family to help her through those initial rough weeks following his death and funeral. As a new widow with a teenage son, she also looked to male relatives to assist her by providing some male role models who would help fill the large gap left by the death of her son’s father. But that didn’t occur and she was upset and disappointed. However, other men, godly professional men stepped up and,  not only took her son to sports events and the like, but directed him on a career path, guiding her son into manhood. In looking back on this she saw that while she looked to family – in vain – God knew what she and her son needed. He sent into their lives just the individuals who would help ease her burden of grief and frustration, as well as step in and assist her in a parenting role for which she wasn’t totally prepared. She kept saying over and over to me that while she was initially upset at her family, she now realizes that God knew and sent just the individuals she needed. Perhaps you have experienced a similar situation or are in the throes of the disappointment of having those in whom you trusted fail you. 

Let me ask you to consider the story of Mary, the mother of Jesus. We all know of Mary, having first read about her when the angel Gabriel appeared to tell her that she would bear the Messiah. Scripture doesn’t give us many details about Mary, her thoughts, her emotions, or any of her reactions to all that was happening in her life other than to tell us that she contemplated or pondered it all in silence and quiet devotion to God.

Many authorities believe that Mary was widowed when Jesus was a teenager, leaving him, as the oldest son, in charge of Joseph’s carpenter shop.  We have scant knowledge of Jesus’ family life. Most authorities believe that they met his divinity with skepticism, perhaps even derision. There’s no mention in Scripture of their presence with Mary during Jesus’ mock trial and cruel treatment prior to his crucifixion.

 In fact, one of the most poignant moments recorded in Scripture occurs when Jesus is hanging on the cross in agony of spirit and body. As Mary stood in the terrible heat, listening to the shrieks of the two thieves on either side of Jesus, he looked at her and slowly, painfully managed to utter the words, “Woman, here is your son.”  He then summoned the energy to bend his head toward John and said, “Here is your mother.” (John 19:26-27 MEV) Why John and not a family member? One can just imagine what would have awaited Mary were she to lean on her family for comfort and protection. They would most likely have scoffed and said, “Well, we told you he was a fraud. What did you expect?” But God knew exactly whom she needed to provide her with just what she needed in that stage of her life.

Many church historians agree that John resided in Jerusalem and lovingly cared for Mary until she died. Let Mary’s story be a beautiful lesson to you of God’s unfailing love for you. When those on whom you look to for comfort and support fail you, remember that God knows what’s best for you and will lead into your life the individuals who will succor you and bring you just what you need as you go through the thorny times of life.  Our loving heavenly Father is always with you, and He will not fail to provide   your every need. There are so many verses in God’s Word that tell of His love for the widow, as well as strong censures to those who would ill-treat them.  Even though you have lost your earthly husband, you have a loving heavenly father who is watching out for you. 

God’s promises to the widow.

In closing, let me remind you that Jesus didn’t stay in that grave, but three days after that most horrible of deaths, he arose triumphantly over sin and death. And because he did and now sits at the right hand of God and intercedes for us, we can boldly come to him about any of our concerns. I encourage you to make him Lord of your life and entrust all of your life into his loving care.
                                                                                                                              By Shari Hervold

This beautiful song "God Will Take Care of You" by David Phelps will touch your heart and remind us of God's perfect love.
 In the above message by Shari Hervold, God knew exactly what the widow's son needed and supplied that need.