OT & NT Verses Widows


Old Testament Bible Verses for the Widow

Ex. 22:22 God commands that a widow not be afflicted.

Ex.22:23 When wronged, a widow is to cry unto God, and He will surely hear her.

Deut. 10:18 God executes justice for the widow. She's under God's protection.

Deut. 14:29 The widow was to partake of the tithe given from the land.
Deut. 16:11 The widow was to partake in the feast of tabernacles.

Deut. 24:17 A widow's garments may not be taken as security or pledge.

Deut. 24:20 Olive trees were to be shaken only once, the rest was for widows.

Deut. 26:12  The offering of First Fruits was also to be used to assist widows.

Deut. 27:19  A curse is upon any who does not deal fairly with the widow.

Jeremiah 7:6  God speaks to backslidden Judah that they must stop oppressing widows.

Jeremiah 22:3  King Zedekiah is warned not to do violence to widows or mistreat them.

Jeremiah 49:11  God will punish Edom but tells their widows to trust in Him.

Ezekiel 22:7  Israel sinned in oppressing and wronging widows.

Zach. 7:10  God again pleads that widows not be oppressed.

New Testament Bible Verses for the Widow

Acts 6:1  The Greek widows were not being cared for as were the others.

I Tim. 5:3  Treat widows with great consideration and give aid to the truly widowed, those in solitary and without support.

I Tim. 5:4  The duty of children or grandchildren to care for their widows.

I Tim. 5:9  The church is responsible for widows over 60 years of age and the wife of only one man, who has a good reputation for good deeds, brought up her children, been hospitable to Christian strangers, humbly helped to relieve others and has sought to do good in every way. (These are brought out in verse 10)

I Tim. 5:16  The younger widows are to marry, bear children, guide the household and not give opponents of the faith an opportunity for slander and reproach.

James 1:27  True worship is to visit, help and care for widows in their affliction and distress.