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How God Saved Sarada - A Kerusomen Widow Rescue Story

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How Kerusomen is helping Women lift themselves out of poverty. 

Strong. Servant. Leader. Today we end International Women’s “Week” celebrating Pastor Anju Saha,  Director of KGM India Women’s Ministries and the inspirational leader of  ISOS.  Before ISOS, these ladies viewed themselves through the lens of the obstacles they face. But Anju sees them differently: Self-supporting. Confident.  Respected. Hope-filled. Women who are positive change-makers and valuable members of their communities. And thanks to God, this vision is becoming theirs. They are beginning to live new, transformed lives using the bible-based practical training ISOS gives. Anju knows many women in India living in unimaginable poverty. And she loves them too much to leave them there.  Learn how you can be part of this amazing women’s ministry and double your joy today. 

What's it like being a widow in India? 3/11/21

Did you know?..

There are over 14 million widows in
the United States today. That is an
average of 40 widows for every church 
in the United States (AARP).

Over 700,000 women are widowed
each year. (U.S. Bureau of the Census)
Thom S. Rainer, Founder, and CEO of
Church Answers and previous president
and CEO of Lifeway Christian Resources
describes the situation this way:

"Upon the death of a spouse, a widow loses 75% of her support base. It is
imperative for churches to stand in the gap. But in North American churches,
I see hardly any Intentional churchwide ministries to widows. Millions are left
to suffer and struggle in silence."

That’s a huge need left untouched... 

Kerusomen set out to identify a grassroots organization who is stepping up
and filling that emotional and spiritual gap.

God provided Friends Needing Friends International.  

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Friends Needing Friends is a
widows ministry that picks up 
where Grief Share ends. It 
serves women who have been
widowed recently, ideally in 
the past one to three years,
but not too soon after the 
occurrence because of their 
grief is too raw.  

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