NJ Chapter Pics

Thank you to all the staff who help to make this ‘Special Sisterhood’ what it is.

Thank you to all of our sisters who faithfully attend the meetings. By that you are a light to others, you encourage one another, you share, you laugh and sometimes cry together, and you pray for one another.

We all must remember that God has brought us to this place of widowhood.  He is drawing us closer to Him through each and every day. He knew that we would be in this time of our lives, before we were even born.

In every meeting we recite this wonderful scripture below found in I Corinthians chapter 1. Let us remember it daily so that we may be a light to others of God’s continued love and tender mercies in our lives.


"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the Father of mercies and God of all comfort,
who comforts us in all our affliction,

so that we may be able to comfort those

who are in any affliction,

with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted

by God."


 I hope you all in New Jersey will soon see warmer temps.  I just did a search on your weather for this past Monday when you had your meeting and it was between 28-36 degrees, and with wind chill I know it felt really cold. Yet, around 90 of you dear ladies left your warm, comfortable homes to visit with your dear sisters for your meeting/luncheon.  That is wonderful!


Here are some candid shots of some of you lovely ladies.






Here are the March birthday girls.

Happy Birthday to all of you.


I heard you had some excitement there this past Monday.

Kennedy Health System, Life Support Education
STAT Medical Transport, Inc.

…surprised the ladies with a staged emergency visit and then demonstrated life-saving maneuvers.



Now we come to what goes on ‘Behind the scenes’ to make a meeting happen.  It is because of ‘faithful service’, done for the glory and honor of our Great God. It is His strength in us that makes us able to do what we do.

Here we have the dear ladies who are the Telephone Reservationists.

They call to remind our sisters of the next meeting, to see who will be able to attend or not.  What a job this is!  It makes the sisters feel loved and cared for. By their time and efforts we find out how our sisters are doing.


This is dear Mildred Keeys, she is also a member of the Telephone Reservationists group, but did not hear the call for the group shot.


Next we have Becky Bacalzo

who is in charge of the Teddy Bear Ministry.


Here we see Donna Keen with hearing impaired Friends. I asked Dotti what the dear lady in the front row was signing and it is the sign for ‘I love you’.  Isn’t that sweet?


Next, we have Director Mary Lou and her husband Paul Tweed. Having a good director is a blessing from God. Having a faithful team as we have here is a double blessing.


Without this lovely lady, Diana Clark ~ there would be no pictures to share of our great northern ‘Friends Needing Friends’ sisterhood.


December 9th, 2019 Christmas Party 

October 14th meeting...

The beautiful lady sitting in the second seat from the right is Mildred. Mildred will be celebrating her 101st Birthday and still preaches the Word of God.

Ida and June - Great friends - they serve as greeters at the monthly meetings. 

 A special friend of mine, Donna. Donna is the head of the deaf department at FNF. 
 Doris is in charge of telling the ladies about the 22  widows we support in India. 


April 8th Meeting of the New Jersey FNF ladies.

March 11th, 2019 meeting.

Friends Needing Friends celebrated their 30th anniversary 2018

Thirtieth Anniversary of FNF in New Jersey

This special lady Mildred celebrated her 100th Birthday with the ladies at FNF. The other women Mary Lou is the director of FNF in New Jersey

This special lady receiving a rose was with us at our first meeting in 1988. 

Pastor Bruce was the Pastor of GCCC in New Jersey encouraged me (Dotti) to start the ministry of FNF in 1988 along with Mary Lou director of FNF in N.J. 

Donna (center) is in charge of the deaf department of our group of ladies in NJ. The sweetest lady you would ever want to meet. 

Friends Needing Friends was started in NJ, June 1988 and our first meeting was at Geet's Diner in Williamstown, NJ.

The ministry moved several times during the years, but God led us to the Wedgwood Country Club, Washington Twp. NJ. and the ministry has been there to this day.

In 2011 Dotti, founder and director of FNF moved to Florida to start another FNF ministry with South Palm Community Church and we now meet at Palm Beach National Golf & Country Club, Lake Worth, Fl. 

After Dotti's move…Shari Hervold became Director of FNF,
for a while until the Lord directed her to another state.

Now, the ministry is being directed by MaryLou Tweed.

 Eileen Scholl has been with FNF ministry for over 25 years and has been extremely helpful serving the Lord by being the "right hand" to all the directors.

Eileen, we love you dearly.