Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Fruitfulness Despite Loss

Last month we learned of two individuals from Holy Scripture who suffered great loss and disappointment in their lifetimes yet lived to have influence and fulfillment. Joseph, son of Jacob, was sold by his brothers into Egypt and rose to what was equivalent of prime minister of that country. Tamar was defrauded by two husbands as well as defrauded from marrying a third by her father-in-law. Her desire for children went unmet…until by a strange turn of events, she gave birth to twins, one of whom is mentioned in the lineage of Jesus Christ, the Messiah
As promised, this month I want to introduce you to some women, who after suffering the loss of their spouses, have gone on to be productive and utilize the talents and abilities that God gave them.
Their grief and heartache did not preclude their being used by
 God to bless other women in similar circumstances.

Diana Clark

Diana has been a member of Friends Needing Friends for many years and has just published her third book of original poems. She has this to say about her widowhood journey:

May16, 2022, was the 22nd anniversary of George’s passing. Grieving the loss of a husband can be a very slow journey and a very rough road, especially in the beginning. It’s two steps forward/three steps back; three steps forward two steps back. And so, it goes. But healing does come, and the road smooths out eventually. Plus, one starts to recognize milestones along the way. In the meantime, I have learned how to live and laugh once again, hopefully in way that pleases my LORD, because without HIM I would not be living a wholesome life. My latest milestone has taken 22 years to achieve. It inspired the following poem.

 The Milestone
 His side of the bed...the left;
My side...on the right. 
We'd talk a while to share our day,
Then doze off through the night.  

Maybe in the morning,
I'll turn and he'll be there,
Lying right beside me, 
Without a want or care.

Once again, I'm disappointed. 
There's still an empty spot.
Regardless, I will face each day
Whether I want to-or not.

But this morning, it was different,
No left or right---instead,
My 22-year journey took me
To the middle of the bed. 

(I wonder if I hold the record for that milestone---
almost 23 years to move 18 inches.)
  ~Diana E. Clark ©May 2022

Terry is a widow who drives other widows who, without a vehicle, or for medical reasons aren’t able to drive to doctor’s appointments. Think of the great blessing this is to have reliable
transportation to doctor’s appointments if you’re unable to drive yourself.

Dotti and Pastor Kathy are holding mini-teas for those women who weren’t able to attend Dotti’s retirement tea. They bring the tea, the cookies, along with cups and saucers and pretty napkins and have tea with these ladies. But, they are doing much more than having tea, they are bringing joy and comfort into the life of a widow who might otherwise feel like an outlier because of health problems and the inability to get out.

Ladies, it doesn’t take that much time or money to do something that brings some joy into the life of another widow. All it requires of you is to lay aside your insecurities and hesitations and just look for a need. Look around for other widows or women to whom you can be Christ’s hands extended. Jesus called us to be his ambassadors. (2 Corinthians 5:20) In other words, we are to represent him here on earth. How did Jesus respond to needs in his culture? Recall the many recorded stories of his all-encompassing love for the people he encountered. He healed the sick, raised the dead, cast out demons, went out of his way to share eternal truths with outcasts and sinners, not once shaming them but just calling them to live lives changed by the power of God. He even served dinner to thousands of people on more than one occasion because he felt sorry for them, knowing they were tired and hungry. 

The Scriptures tell us to not neglect to do good and to share what we have… It may be a talent such as Diana or in more practical ways such as Terry, Dotti and Kathy. Only God knows the impact of these acts of kindness to another widow or woman who may otherwise be overlooked. Not only will they be blessed but you will also. Hebrews 13:16 reminds us to “not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”
Message by Shari Hervold
FNF International Bible Teacher.

Do you know Jesus...Here's how:

Admit your sins have separated you from God (Psalm 14:1-3: Rom 3:23)

Believe that God did something about your sins through Jesus Christ. (The final Pascal Lamb/Messiah) (Lev. 17:10: Heb 9:19-22.)

Commit - yourself to His righteous by confessing Jesus as Lord and Savior. (Isa 53:5: Col. 1:22) and do it today! (Isa 49:8: 2 Cor 6:2)

Father in Heaven, I'm sorry for the things I've done that are wrong: I am a sinner: forgive me. Thank you for loving me and sending your Son, Jesus, to pay the penalty for my sin. Holy Spirit, come into my heart: Jesus be my Lord and Savior. I give You my life.  Amen

Music by Kim Hill

 I don't own any rights to these songs. 
It's for entertainment and worship songs only. 

                                   "He will take care of you" by the Heritage Singers"

Please remember, God promised to take care of the widow. He loves us dearly and only wants the best for us. God's plan is much better than anything we can imagine. Ladies, speak to Him and tell Him how you feel, seek comfort in His words and presence, and let Him help guide you through this time.   

May we present you with these beautiful yellow roses to give you 
spiritual encouragement, and to remind you God is with you.