Video - Florida

Sweet Sweet Spirit in this place. 

Welcome video from Shari Hervold for Oct''s 21st meeting

Elisha - Widow w/oil

What's it like being a widow in India

May 16 th was our last day at the Son Life Church. FNF is changing their location to First Baptist Church, Boynton Beach, Fl.  Just having a little fun and looking forward to the change. 

Message to our ladies - FNF


        Pictures from the year 2021  
Friends Needing Friends Florida's meetings.    

10th Anniversary - Feb 28th 1988 held at the South Palm Church.

The video was taken at our last Friends Needing Friends International Ministry on Monday, Sept. 16th. We are all practicing for our special program "Christmas In India" to be held December 9th, 2019 We are practicing how to greet others with saying "Namaste". A greeting that puts you on equal ground. FNF supports 17 widows from the Kerusomen Gospel Ministry.

The Angel Team and their creative genius Pastor Kathy Caprio created a year's worth of celebrations for the widows at Friends Needing Friends in Boynton Beach.

Don't miss this medley of precious memories: Spa Day, Mardi Gras, Tea Party, Pumpkin Party, Thanksgiving, Christmas in Hawaii and many more...

Video - Florida - Click the play button and enjoy!