'Real Answers' by Pastor B. Sofia

Dear Friends,

Each year I have been invited to speak at our widow’s support group, Friends Needing Friends.  The group has been meeting since June 1988 at Geet’ Diner in Williamstown.  Today they meet every fourth Monday at Wedgwood Country Club.

At one of the “FNF” meetings, the ladies were asked to write a question concerning widowhood and I would answer one question each month that would be published in their monthly newsletters and now in the Friends Needing Friends blog.

I pray as you read the different answers to the many questions that were presented, God will speak to your heart as He helps you through your time of grieving.

In conclusion, the Scripture is clear. “God defends the cause of the widow,” Deuteronomy 10:18. If you ever find yourself doubting the truth, as “Higher Ground” so beautifully sings, “Just say the name of Jesus!” Yes, there is comfort, healing, and strength in the name of Jesus.

Very truly yours in Jesus,
Pastor Bruce Sofia
Founder & Director of
Gloucester County Community Church