Sunday, August 17, 2014

Four Women That God Chose…Part 2


Hello Ladies ~ Here is the second part of this 4 part series.


Four Women That God Chose to be in the Lineage of His Son, Jesus Christ

by Shari Hervold




In the last post we looked briefly at the story of Tamar and the role she played to earn a place in the lineage of Jesus Christ.  If you haven't done so and would like to read about her, you can do so by clicking on Tamar.

The next woman we want to meet is Rahab, another woman more likely to be mentioned in a Hall of Shame than a Hall of Fame.  In fact she is most often referred to as "Rahab the Harlot."  Her story is told in Joshua 2. Rahab was an innkeeper in the city of Jericho; in those days women were innkeepers, never men.  Since she was in a position to lodge guests, it was natural for Joshua's spied to go to her place of business.  They told her about their mission as spies for the Hebrew people, and she courageously hid them from the Jericho authorities who were on the lookout for them.  Who knows why Rahab was so willing to trust the Hebrews/ perhaps she was heartsick of the life she was living, feeling worthless, without value.  Whatever the motive, she put her fears aside and by faith accepted the word of the Hebrew spies to protect her life she protected theirs. She knew of the great deeds of their God and she put her faith and trust in Him.  God enabled her to be successful in concealing them and she was rewarded by being saved from death when the Israelites destroyed Jericho.  She went on to live among the Jewish people, marry an Israelite, and produce a son, Boaz the husband of Ruth, who was in the line of David and Christ, the Messiah.

In the next installment we will read about Ruth.


Reflection: Would you too like to belong to the family of God and know for certain that you will have eternal life?  That's why Jesus came, died on a cross, and rose from the dead.  We are all sinners and Jesus, God's son, paid the debt for our sins by His death.  If you just acknowledge that you have sinned and ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins and turn your life over to Him, He will make you a child of God with an eternal future with Him.  I invite you to do so now.