Sunday, February 1, 2015


I became a widow twice in my life, therefore, I can definitely relate to the feelings of being in a “fog” after your mate has passed. There were times people would be talking to you and you wouldn’t be paying any attention to what they were saying. Or people would be doing things and you didn’t realize what they were doing or why they were doing it.

A time later you might remember a friend or two that did do something very nice for you.  My definition of all of this is it was God, He was there all the time.  Our God loved us so much, He supplied all our needs before we even knew we needed anything.

God sent people to help us widows. He sent His angels to care for us and I believe when we cried, He cried and felt our heartache.

At our last monthly meeting of Friends Needing Friends, we all took the time to recognize the love of Jesus at our point of need. We wrote down how God shared His love for us through others to meet these needs.

The following are some of the examples that our ladies shared.

Terry wrote: The year my husband passed was a very snowy winter. I hired a man to plow my driveway but I had to shovel the walkway and the mailbox at the end of my drive. Each snow storm I would shovel the mailbox and the plow would come by our street and bury it again. My neighbor saw this and kept my mail box clean for the rest of the storm season. God sends us angels in all kinds of outfits, including snow boots and snow blowers.

Carolyn wrote:  My brother and sister-in-law flew me to San Antonio for a week of fellowship, prayed with me and encouraged me. They also introduced me to “Yellow Ribbon” an organization that reaches out to veterans. Yellow Ribbon” helped me to focus on others.

Marie wrote: My family and neighbors filled my home with flowers and food and were with me through all the long days until the unreal was over, and stayed close by after giving support and love.

Sue wrote:  All of my small Bible class group came over with food, fellowship, love and shared a laugh of funny memories of Bill as he was in our Bible class. 

Rita wrote:  Friends in the neighborhood would stop by just for a short while. Just to make conversation and to see if I was doing alright. How nice that was.

Carole S. wrote: My friends would call me and then they took me out for lunch and keep me busy doing things with them. I would call them at any time just to talk or cry and they would be there for me.

Susan wrote:  My friend from Palm Beach County took a day off work to drive my dying husband and me to the cancer center in Miami – in my car. She took the tri-rail back to Palm Beach County and several other friends did the same to help us before he passed. My husband died 7 days later.

Another lady wrote: A friend went with me to church the week after my husband died. Another friend help me prepare my taxes, Another friend help me sort through his clothes and another friend helped me find a new car and sell the old one.

What else is there to say, the above is proof and evidence that our God loves us. Our God was there all the time, wanting to help us widows even before we knew we needed His help.

By Dotti Ackerman

Founder & Director of FNF
Est. 1988