Wednesday, May 20, 2015


     After reading Apostle Paul’s letter to Titus, I began to reflect on Paul’s life. Paul spent much time traveling and preaching. He received little rest. The emotional and spiritual tension he dealt with was worse than the lack of rest. He often met misunderstanding and suspicion.

 Do you know, Paul’s life was much like our lives as widows? We often find it hard to rest – especially at night. The emotional and spiritual tensions are very draining – has God forgotten us? Has our faith weakened?  We are often met with misunderstanding. Why don’t you move? Why are you moving? Why are you staying there alone? Why don’t you go out more? Why did you leave our Saturday night club?

   When Titus visited Paul, he was in a cheerful mood. Titus’s friendship brought Paul rest. Their time together was very spiritual and physically refreshing to Paul and helped Paul tackle life with a renewed vigor.

    “Friends Needing Friends” is our Titus. It renews us monthly. Widows need each other when we are feeling discouraged or depressed. Just seeing a friend who “understands” can brighten your day. Just last week, this happened to me as I was food shopping – food shopping for one – a job I really hate. I met one of my “FNF” friends and suddenly I realized – I must stop feeling sorry for myself. I am not the only one who must shop for one; you know, my whole day brightened.

    We cannot do without one another. We are privileged because we have “Friends Needing Friends” to help us meet our needs – spiritually, emotionally and socially.  As widows we need each other.

Let us pray…Lord, thank you for friends who meet our needs. Thank you for the encouragement they give us. Help me to help others as they have helped me. Amen

 By Joanne Lewis    

Jesus is the one who puts music in our heart, music that makes our soul soar, that uplifts my spirit when I am down. He has used music to speak to me often on this widow’s journey.

I have a favorite singer and her name is Lynda Randle. Whatever song she sings always touches my heart and I know it will do the same for you . Now sit back, relax and let the spirit of God bring you closer to Jesus.

God On The Mountain by Lynda Randle

One Day At A Time by Lynda Randle

Walk With Me Lord by Lynda Randle

Through It All by Lynda Randle