Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Good morning my friends,

Today is such a beautiful day here in Boynton Beach, Florida.  With God’s direction, I moved to Florida three years ago from New Jersey to start another “FNF” Sisterhood. Wow! What a major difference between New Jersey and Florida.  Florida's scenery is such a blessing, no matter how I feel, I am able to look out the window and see green grass, the beautiful sunsets, and palm trees reflecting on the water in the back part of my home.

But I do miss the wonderful ladies from our Friends Needing Friends Ministry in New Jersey, but thank God I can see all the wonderful pictures of the ladies and the ministry’s events Diana Clark sends to me each month.
I love seeing the different program themes that Mary Lou, our N.J. director, produces for the widows. This month Mary Lou invited the township fire company to give necessary information to the ladies. Many of the ladies still live by their selves and need to know the different safety rules in their homes.

Friends Needing Friends is not a support group, it is a “Sisterhood of women” all over the world. We all have learn of many ways to go on in life, and how to serve the Lord by helping other widows. Thank you God for a beautiful, wonderful sisterhood.

Happy Birthday to these beautiful ladies.

May God bless you my special friends from “FNF” New Jersey.